On planet Arrakis, 𝘸̶𝘢̶𝘵̶𝘦̶𝘳̶ liquidity is the most sacred resource.
Arrakis has one mission: to become web3’s liquidity layer, enabling LPs and tokenized projects to optimize their DEX liquidity on and across multiple blockchains in a seamless and automated manner.
The platform is a reaction to the problems that many projects in web3 are facing today:
  • Traditional Uniswap v2 AMMs provide a one-size-fits-all liquidity solution. While being simple, they lack efficiency and are costly to subsidize liquidity programs
  • Next generation AMMs like Uniswap v3 provide liquidity efficiency improvements, however at the cost of added complexity and risk to LPs
  • The multichain landscape made liquidity increasingly fragmented & the operational overhead of managing liquidity exponentially higher
  • Projects are forced to spend an unnecessary amount of time & resources on complex topics such as active liquidity management, cross-chain liquidity provision, and modeling expenditures on market making programs
Arrakis, previously known as G-UNI, set out to solve these issues in February 2021. Since that time, the protocol has demonstrated exceptional growth on every conceivable metric. As of this writing (21st May 2022), Arrakis has $745 million in TVL in its LP vaults — which comprises roughly 19% of Uniswap v3’s entire liquidity.
This makes Arrakis the largest LP on Uniswap v3 by far, all without having any native liquidity mining incentives.
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