Documentation for Arrakis V2 PALM Smart Contracts

PALM is the first application built on top of the flexible ArrakisV2 core system, optimized for automated management of protocol owned liquidity (thus, Protocol Automated Liquidity Management). PALM allows users to:

  • Create a "private" vault that is managed by PALMManager who will run automated strategies on behalf of the vault owner. Only vault owners can add and remove liquidity from their private vault.

  • Vault owners have the ability to pick from a list of whitelisted strategy templates, and further configure the strategy with custom parameters.

  • Vault owners can increase or decrease liquidity deposited in the vault at any time, as well as change the strategy configuration (or delegate this strategy configuration ability to a third party)

  • Finally vault owners can remove all of their liquidity and close the vault at any time.

Call openTerm to create and configure your vault as well as deposit initial liquidity. Fund the PALMManager with some native network tokens (to pay gas for automated rebalances) and your vault will instantly start running the active liquidity provision strategy in Uniswap V3 as you configured it. PALM has a specific fee structure and is not free to use like generic v2-core vaults. A quarterly recurring management fee takes a small percentage of vault principal liquidity deposited as well as a performance fee, a cut of trading fees earned in Uniswap that accrue to the manager.


The entry point for protocols (or any user) to deploy a vault managed by the PALMManager, which runs customizable automated liquidity provision strategies via Gelato Network keeper infrastructure. PALMTerms is the owner role of all vaults deployed through it, exposing functions for each vault creator to control their vault (its liquidity, its strategy).


The entry point for the Gelato Network keeper infrastructure to rebalance all PALM vaults according to each vault's defined strategy. PALM vaults must fund the PALMManager with the network token (e.g. ETH) for keepers to start executing the LP strategy.

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