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Fund Your Address

Choose Network

Technically you can run this tutorial on any of these networks:
  • goerli (testnet)
  • polygon
  • arbitrum
  • optimism
  • mainnet
It's highly recommended to start with goerli testnet, since in all other cases you'll be risking real funds in the market and spending real money on gas. For all other networks, partake at your own risk, and use small amounts of funds until you fully grasp all the details of configuring and interacting with an ArrakisV2 vault in this setting.
Choose a network now and stay on it for the entirety of the tutorial. This walkthrough will assume we are all on the goerli testnet.

Get Network Gas Token

First, fund your chosen address (from the .env file) with some network tokens (goerli ETH in our case). On goerli testnet, there are a number of faucets that remit test ETH. Here's a facuet that usually works.

Get ERC20 Tokens

Next, you'll also need some DAI and WETH.
At absolute minimum, you'll need 1 DAI and any non-zero amount of WETH to complete the tutorial. Make sure you have the correct DAI and WETH addresses since on testnets there are often many copies of similar tokens. Goerli token addresses we use in this tutorial :
DAI = 0x11fE4B6AE13d2a6055C8D9cF65c55bac32B5d844
WETH = 0xB4FBF271143F4FBf7B91A5ded31805e42b2208d6
How to get these tokens if you don't have them?
The way to get WETH is wrap your goerli ETH into WETH, and the simplest way to get DAI is swap for it on a DEX. Both of these can be done easily in the browser e.g. on Uniswap's UI:
  • navigate to Uniswap UI
  • connect wallet
  • make sure wallet is connected to Goerli testnet
Here we wrap ETH -> WETH on Goerli Network on Uniswap UI
Here we add our Goerli Network DAI address to Uniswap UI
Here we swap ETH -> DAI on Goerli Network on Uniswap UI
Now that you have at least 1 DAI, some WETH, and some ETH for gas in your wallet, you are ready to move on.